The Berks County Medical Society congratulates the incoming Board of Commissioners. Thank you for making the health of every citizen the #1 priority in the coming term. We’re honored to be your partners for a healthier Berks County.

Michael Rivera


Christian Leinbach


Dante Santoni

For 200 years, Berks County Medical Society has been the voice for physicians and their patients in our community. We’ve advocated for a standard of care that’s kept patients in charge of their health care decisions and fostered a culture of homegrown innovation that’s second to none.

That’s why we wholeheartedly embraced the four recommendations contained in the Berks County Commissioners’ Study of the Delivery of Health and Public Health Services in Berks County. It’s a smart, commonsense plan to protect public health and keeps an eye on the taxpayer’s wallet. Let’s work together to get it done!

Last fall, Berks County community leaders convened an historic conversation in Birdsboro to study the 4 Recommendations contained in the Commissioner’s study.